Our 300th Post!!!

Mountain High Mudd Pie


Happy 300th Blog Post Anniversary to us! Well according to my WordPress Dashboard, this is the 300th Post for the Gabe and Ashley blog!! I think that’s an achievement. I remember back to why we started this blog. We began moving December of 2004 packing our car to head to LA. We started this blog (originally with Typepad, but they wanted to charge me $50/yr for less functionality then I get from wordpress for free) with the idea that our families in Washington and Arizona (or wherever they may be) could check in and see what we were up to in Los Angeles. The great thing is that my grandparents are online (yes, I think my Grandma is our most avid reader, sorry to embarrass you), my parents are both online, all my brothers are online and pretty much most of Ashley’s family is online as well. I think boone and garrett both had blogs setup before I did, but I think having us all blogging inspired each other to post on a more regular basis. Well so far we feel good about the blog and we plan on keeping it going so that others can see our family grow. Thanks for visiting and for your participation (we also managed to have 316 + comments on our blog over the past two years).


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4 responses to “Our 300th Post!!!

  1. I remember reading the very first post, thanks for sharing all these moments.

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  3. Victor

    Congratulations on this webcastic achievement! Also, for giving us a good reason to get wired. We’ve enjoyed hearing your thoughts, rants and raves as well as the wonderful photos of your life journey together thus far. Keep leading the way into the future even as you enjoy the bayside view and the chocolate today.

  4. Thank you for the encrouagement!

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